Our story…

Looking back..

We were first established in 1991. Since then, we’ve been providing digital solutions for all aspects of life—from gadgets to uninterrupted power supply to data communication. Our brand is for everyone and the goal is to continue providing easy plug-and-play solutions for everyday needs, in a simple, enjoyable way. Our customers deserve the best, and we’re dedicated to providing that care and personal touch that make their lives just that little bit more effortless.

Looking forward…

Today and for the foreseeable future; the messy, busy and confusing world needs some real thoughtfulness and innovation. Life is too short to fuss. You don’t have the time to figure it all out. If you want life to be easier, we, at Prolink, understand this. We make it so you don’t have to try so hard. Life should be simple, easy and fun, and this is what drives us to think of better and easier ways to do things. That’s why our brand promise to our customers is this: we are here to help you ‘connect your life’.


PROLiNK® aspires to be the technological driving force behind the evolution.

Our team sets the highest standards to provide the next generation with infrastructures suited for the technologically advanced environment.

The small ´i´ in PROLiNK® is about ideas, innovation and information.


PROLiNK’s mission is to accentuate the best for the e-generation.

The e-generation embraces technology, which has become an integral part of each and everyone’s lives in the modern marketplace.