• PRC2401U


    AP Wireless Router 

    • Latest AC Wave2 MU-MIMO Technology
    • Next-Gen 802.11ac
    • Concurrent Dual-band
    • Support of Band Steering
    • Support of Beamforming
  • PRC2401U


PROLiNK® PRC2401U Wireless AC2600 Router features the latest AC wave2 MU-MIMO technology delivering fast wireless speed of up to 2600Mbps which is ideal for streaming high bandwidth videos, online gaming and internet surfing.


Besides the regular router function, the device can be set to an Access Point or Repeater mode for extending your existing wireless signals to blind spot areas where the wireless connection is weak or inconsistent. In additional, the PROLiNK® PRC2401U supports band steering that prioritizes your smart devices to the less congested 5GHz network as well as its beamforming functionality which improves wireless reception.


PROLiNK® PRC2401U is simple and easy to setup; Furthermore, with Dr. Wi-Fi functionality in the mobile application, it displays the connected client's signal strength against the router. This provides potential solution to improve wireless coverage and signal strength.


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