• PMH9001


    Multi-Homing Security Gateway / Internet Hot-spot Gateway

    • Multi Gigabit WAN with load balance function
    • User Behavior Control and Flow Control
    • Tag VLAN
    • Powerful Firewall Function
    • Cloud Server Access and Captive Portal Authentication
    • Central Management for Wireless AP
  • PMH9001

The PROLiNK® PMH9001 is a small size Enterprise Gateway based on CAPWAP protocol. It is equipped with up to 4 Multi-Gigabit-WAN ports, load balance, Ethernet backup. In additional, it supports smart QoS, user behaviour management, VPN management, VLAN management and built-in firewall.


PROLiNK® PMH9001 is capable of supporting up to 50 AP management and 128 end users, which is suitable for small size offices, hotels and cafes. With it being a professional WLAN Controller, it manages up to 50 connected Thin APs providing ease of configuration, future upgrades, and other management tasks translating to lower maintenance costs.


Besides, the PROLiNK® PMH9001 allows access into cloud server as a bypass controller and GUI to do maintenance anywhere. Furthermore, it works as an enterprise gateway enabling quick posting of advertisements and captive portal authentication such as Google Login, Facebook Login, SMS Login and Member Login.

PMH9001 features