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  1. Download the firmware from here.
  2. Save and unzip the firmware to the desktop.
  3. Connect the WNR1008 using a LAN cable to your PC's LAN port.
  4. Open IE and access and enter admin as username and password as password.
  5. Click on Administration > Upload Firmware > Browse.
  6. Locate the firmware file from your desktop, click open. Click Apply.
  7. The firmware update process will start. Do not turn off the device during the updating in process.
  8. Once the firmware update is done, the WNR1008 will automatically restarts.
  9. Once the WNR1008 is restarted, the firmware update process had been completed.
  10. Reconfigure the settings of the WNR1008 as necessary.
Reminder: Do not update the firmware using a wireless connection. Always use a wired connection to do the firmware update.
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