Services Policy & Warranty End-of-Life Policy

End-of-Life (EOL) Support Policy

Prolink products reach the end of their Product Lifecycle for a number of reasons. These include product evolution due to market requirements and replacement by more advanced versions with richer functionality.
Prolink recognizes that end-of-life milestones often have a broad impact on Prolink customers in their IT environment. With that in mind, we have set out a long-term end-of-life policy, which we are publishing in advance, to assist customers to manage their transition to more recent versions and understand how Prolink support can help them migrate their applications.
Prolink typically offers support for a given product for a period of one (1) year after the End-of-Sale Date. (Defined below)
In order to notify our end customers and channel partners, Prolink provides a specific End of Service Life (Defined below) date for a given product through our web site at the time the End-of-Sale Date is announced. Such notifications will typically be posted on this page ninety (90) days prior to the End-of-Sale Date. Regardless of the End of Service Life date, Prolink will honor the terms of any applicable warranty and / or any previously sold maintenance agreements which were purchased prior to the End of Service Life Date.
Changes to Prolink End of Life Support Policy
Although every effort will be made to support EOL products in accordance with our End of Life Support Policy, Prolink reserves the right to change its policy as it deems appropriate. Prolink will announce any changes to the EOL Support Policy through the website.
End of Sale Date (Last Order Date)
Any Prolink product being discontinued will be announced as EOL. On the End-of-Sale Date, discontinued products are no longer available for purchase from Prolink.
End of Service Life Date
This is the date a Prolink product will no longer be supported by Technical Support. Note that Prolink may, at its discretion, stop offering Time and Materials support services prior to the End of Service Life Date.
Discontinued Products
For additional information regarding upgrades and recommended replacements for the products and services listed below, please contact your Prolink Sales Representative.
Products End-of-Sale Date
End-of-Service Life Date
WGR1004 Wireless G 4-Port Broadband Router 02/2009 02/2010
H5305G ADSL2+ Wireless G 5-Port Modem Router 12/2009 12/2010
PWH2001 3.5G Wireless HSPA Router 12/2009 12/2010
WN2100 Wireless N Mini USB Adapter 12/2009 12/2010
WNR1006 Wireless N 4-Port Broadband Router 01/2010 01/2011
WN2000 Wireless-N 802.11n Mini Wireless USB Adapter 12/2010 12/2011
WN2200 Wireless-N 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter 04/2010 04/2011
PPL1201 Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter 200Mbps 07/2012 07/2013
PPL1202N 200Mbps Powerline Wireless-N Extender 07/2012 07/2013
PWH2004 3.75G Wireless HSPA Router 09/2012 09/2013
WNR1009 High Speed Broadband AP/Router 02/2012 02/2013
WNR1010 High Speed Broadband AP/Router 03/2012 03/2013
WNR1011 4G Wireless-N Mobile Router 02/2013 02/2014
WNR1008 3.75G Wireless-N 4-Port Gigabit Router 03/2014 03/2015
WNR1012 11/2015 11/2016
PRN3003L 01/2019 01/2020
PRT7005L 02/2016 02/2017
PRT7006HL 07/2016 07/2017
PRT7007L 03/2016 03/2017
PRT7008L 10/2017 10/2018
PRT7010L 08/2017 08/2018
PLE901 05/2015 05/2016
PPL1500P *for Singapore market only 08/2017 08/2018
PPL1501N *for Singapore market only 08/2017 08/2018
PRC5001 03/2020 03/2021
PWN3701/3702P 10/2016 10/2017
PWC3703 10/2017 10/2018
PIC3001WP 07/2020 07/2021
PIC3002WN 03/2021 03/2022
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