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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE – August 17, 2019 – PROLiNK, a leading provider of technologically innovative consumer and business networking, power back-up solutions, and gadgets, announces the release of Xtend Pro, the first Mesh Networking System that will be added to the PROLiNK Data Communication product line.

Xtend Pro is a Whole Home Mesh Networking System featuring a seamless wireless experience for users to enjoy high-speed live-streaming, faster downloads and minimal video-buffering. Unlike traditional routers, Xtend Pro adopts the topology system which eliminates the need for a central entity; the perfect solution to expand home Wi-Fi coverage and ridding frustrating Wi-Fi dead spots.

The new intuitive and fuss-free technology allow users to move freely anytime and anywhere without having to compromise the overall Wi-Fi signal, and even saves users the hassle to manually redirect their Wi-Fi to other supplementary network coverage boosters.

Designed to be scalable with an easy plug and play set-up system, users can also conveniently add on mesh nodes according to their individual home and family size. When positioned strategically, a simple 3-unit mesh system easily supports a strong and stable Wi-Fi coverage of up to 6,000 square feet.

Whether being placed on bookshelves, side tables or even kitchen countertops, Xtend Pro blends in effortlessly into any home interior and easily pulls off as a decoration with its sleek, clean, and modern outlook that comes in two contemporary yet homely colours – Cotton White and Zen Blue.

Key Features at a Glance

Seamless Roaming: Enjoy strong and stable Wi-Fi connections at any corner of your house without having to manually switch to connections on other Wi-Fi boosters.

Touchlink : Patented with Touchlink technology, home owners can tap and connect to Wi-Fi without having to create additional passwords for guest-users.

Band-steering: Auto-prioritize dual-band capable clients to a less crowded Wi-Fi network to ease congested networks.

MU-MIMO: Handles multiple connected devices simultaneously without compromising the Wi-Fi network efficiency.

Scalable Network: Customize your own home Wi-Fi system and add up to a total of 8 extra Xtend Pro nodes according to your needs.

Easy Set-up: Xtend Pro twin pack comes pre-paired out of the box, just plug in and you are all ready to surf and stream.

Security: Safeguard your home network with a firewall and wireless encryption.

mXtend App: Simply download the mXtend Mobile Application to set, manage and control your Xtend Pro units through the mobile application.

Xtend Pro comes in the option of a 2-pack starter kit, or single-unit kit, and is now available in Singapore and Indonesia online and in selected retail stores.