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Safety Matters

With the number of cases of people suffering from burns due to their chargers blowing up, look around and ask yourself this: Is your charger safe for use? 

When there are so many options available in-stores and online, how exactly do you know which USB charger to go for? Prices of chargers can go as low as 2 dollars to entice buyers into buying an inexpensive charger that does its job - but for how long? And at what expense?

More often than not, the USB chargers in the market now are not tested and do not have safety features to safeguard users from the horror stories you read in the news. The key thing to look out for when shopping for USB chargers is definitely the safety features it has. Does the brand promise to protect you from possible overheating? Does it cover any form of short-circuit protection? These are the questions you should be asking when looking for a USB charger to avoid any mishaps from happening and to have a peace of mind while recharging your device.

Choosing the right type of charger

With such advanced technology these days, our standard for chargers should rise up from just “doing its job”. It should not only do it’s job - but do a great job at it while keeping us free from the risk of damaging our phones or any potential hazards.

At Prolink - where we promise to connect your life, we take that connection seriously. With safety and quality assurance in mind, our team of developers and specialists have incorporated Advanced Protection Technology into all our chargers - all for a safer charge.

Here are some other safety features included in our Advanced Technology Protection. 

1. Over-voltage protection

Even the most precautious user is not safe from over-voltage since it’s causes range from man-made happenings such as motors to natural happenings such as lightning strikes. This makes over-voltage protection an essential part of any electrical and electronic system - it ensures the system runs as per it’s purpose and remain undamaged despite changes in external conditions. 

2. Over-current protection

Charging your smart watch, earbuds, phone, notebook and tablet all at the same time? Don’t worry, you’re not alone - but what you may need to worry about is causing an over-current situation. If an over-current situation lasts for a sustained amount of time, the temperature rise can be destructive and is at risk of being a fire hazard. With an in-built over-current protection feature, your charger will shut itself down the moment it senses an overload in current - keeping you, your house and your electrical device safe. 

3. Over-temperature protection

Having your phone heat up while it’s charging is always concerning. While it is normal for temperature to rise when a circuit is running, a high temperature is undesirable and can lead to malfunctioning or damage to the electrical devices. Over-temperature protection therefore ensures that the charger operates within the safe design temperature and shuts the supply down whenever this is exceeded. 

4. Short-circuit protection

If you have tried charging different types of devices with the same charger, you will find that oftentimes even though they are physically similar - the charger might work for some devices but not for others. This generally happens because of an incompatibility in power usage in the charger which blocks the circuit from running. While this seems like the end of it, it isn’t! If you keep the power running for a period of time, it could produce sparks, smoke, fire, or cause electric shock. The short-circuit protection safety feature will detect faults and trip the circuit immediately before any surge in current reaches the maximum, protecting you from possible danger. 

5. Overload protection

Dropping your chargers or using them for a prolonged amount of time may cause damage and disruption in its electrical circuit. These instances may cause your charger to malfunction and send an excessive surge of energy through the circuit which exceeds what it is designed to carry, which will often trigger the overload protection feature. The safety mechanism of this feature automatically cuts off the current of electricity and prevents or minimizes damage that may occur.

1 Million Product Liability Insurance Coverage

Having these safety features assures you a simple, worry-free charge for all of your energy-draining devices! In addition to that, all of our USB chargers are insured with a one-million-dollar Product Liability Coverage to ensure maximum ease of mind during usage! This product liability insurance is unique to Prolink and offers worldwide coverage - there’s nothing for you to worry about but to have a good time while your devices are recharging!

Look out for this logo the next time when purchasing a charger or power-related product to ensure that it is well-insured.

With all that being said, keep these safety features in mind when you’re searching for your next USB charger! Now that you are aware of what to look out for, you’re all set to keep an eye out for any telling tales to prevent a disaster from happening. If something doesn’t feel right to you, don’t take any chances and replace your gadget with a proper working one!

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