Logo Refresh Announcement

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Logo Refresh Announcement

You must have noticed some changes in our logo and packaging! Yes that’s right, we have freshened up and are in the midst of transitioning to our new look and feel.

Our existing PROLiNK logo has served us well over the past decade with its simple, straightforward and down-to-earth look and feel provided us with a sense of assurance for quality and reliability, as well as our quest to provide technologically innovative products. We still love it, but a mini-makeover was in due.

We are evolving, improving, and constantly challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zone.

The new logo is much more fun, fresher, bolder yet light-hearted, confident and most importantly, relatable. Apart from the slight change from our existing Royal Blue to a modernized and darker shade of Midnight Blue, we have also added in three additional colours. The Salmon Pink, Heather Purple, and Lime Green - as seen on our new signature “linq” symbol.

The increased visual boldness and freshness signals our growth as a brand and company, as well as our understanding of a need to change and keep up with the world trends. We are no longer just your little successful homegrown brand for our neighbours to be proud of, but one that has successfully set foot on 18 countries across the South East Asia and South Asia region over the past 30 years; and as we adapt and continue to spread our wings out further, Prolink promises to maintain what is core to both our visual and brand identity - simplicity, fresh, and relevant.

The “linq” symbol

The Prolink symbol as shown is called ‘the linq’. It is a visual icon that symbolises how all our products and services work together to ‘Connect your life’.

It also represents the relationship between the three business entities - Data Communication, Gadgets, and Power Backup. Be it a networking product, a day-to-day tech accessory, or a strong backup system - it is all about how we can connect lives, how we empower our users to be confidently connected to the world anytime and anywhere, how we stay connected to what truly matters.

Moving forward

Packed with freshness and confidence, the Prolink logo is ready to embark on a bigger adventure with you, with a first ever online-store coming your way!

Do however bear with us during this unavoidable period of transitioning, and as we slowly ease into our newly refreshed brand identity, we would also like to assure you that no product quality or services will be compromised.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and most importantly...stay connected with us.

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