Prolink Partners with Tuya Smart to Create an All-in-One Smart Home Application

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Prolink Partners with Tuya Smart to Create an All-in-One Smart Home Application

Singapore, Singapore – Prolink has partnered with IoT specialist Tuya Smart, a global IoT development platform service provider, to extend the reach of IoT smart products in the South East Asia and Smart Asia region. 

The partnership will introduce a newly refurbished Prolink mEzee application that is developed using the Tuya Smart platform service provider. It now supports Prolink’s full range of smart home products, ranging from smart bulbs to smart plugs, smart IR controllers, smart IP cameras and many more. Users can now find themselves enjoying an all-in-one app that allows them to manage, control and customize settings of their smart home products without having to download multiple applications. 

Prolink’s brand purpose is to Enjoy Everyday Simplicity, and aims to provide products and solutions that create a simple and fuss-free life. Together with Tuya Smart’s aim in achieving interconnection of all things, the partnership will indefinitely bring added options, features and solutions that can further elevate user’s convenience and overall usage experience. 

“My team and I are excited to be able to align with a company that shares similar goals of building connections between people and to the world. We strongly believe that the collaboration with Tuya Smart is yet another huge step for the brand to break into an all-inclusive smart life. With the support of Tuya’s IoT Platform capabilities, we are now able to develop and create an all-in-one app that connects and controls all categories of our smart home products.”, said Prolink’s Head of Product Development for Data Communication, Mr Rodney Wong. 

A growing demand and development of smart home solutions in these markets is strikingly evident over the past few years and many more to come. The recent pandemic has also led to a huge surge in demand for products or solutions that could help elevate the quality of daily lifestyles, due to the need of spending more hours at home, as well as the shift towards a hybrid workforce trend in the post-epidemic era. 

Founded in 1991, Prolink has since been one of the leading and notable Singapore brands within the South East Asia and South Asia region that has been providing digital solutions for all aspects of life. 

“We foresee a growing demand and development of smart home solutions in these sizable markets and with the brand’s current repertoire in these regions, we are confident that we can create and develop many new and exciting smart products and solutions that ultimately enhances our customer’s day-to-day functions - an easy, relevant, and quality lifestyle.”

Beyond delivering an intuitive and easily accessible platform, the app is also designed to help the brand have new and upcoming products shared and exposed to the market quickly with a competitive edge in the price point. Prolink and Tuya Smart will also continue exploring the technologies that can help to enhance the overall smart home experience. 

As of September 30, 2021, the Tuya IoT Development Platform served over 446,000 developers around the world. Now, smart devices 'Powered by Tuya' are available in more than 200 countries and regions in over 100,000 stores all over the world.


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