[Coming Soon] Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb (13W, E27)

[Coming Soon] Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb (13W, E27)

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[Coming Soon] Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb (13W, E27)

[Coming Soon] Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb (13W, E27)

Enjoy the full spectrum of everyday light with your DS-3601 Smart LED Bulb. A simple touch or voice command is all you need to create the perfect home ambience, adjust lighting color or brightness, and even schedule it to your sleep/wake schedule.

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Remote control

Smart timer

Tunable white control

16 million colours

16 million colours

Voice control

Voice control

Scenario customization

Scenario customization

Smart scheduling

Smart scheduling

Turn light into a form of art expression. 

Design and customize endless lighting possibilities with 16 million colours to choose from.

Choosing the right light for the right situation is important for our well-being.

Set the mood

  • Cosy night in

    Set the lighting setting to a soft, warm tone on a stay home Friday night to recharge.

  • Dinner setting

    Dim the lights for a subtle romantic ambience on your date night.

  • Winding down

    Curl up with your favorite book under the relaxing, warm light for pleasure reading.

Tunable white control

Tune the appearance from a cozy soft white (2700K) to an energetic bright white (6500K).

LED light with a higher Kelvin range (4000K to 6500K) is considered cool light, while lighting with a lower Kelvin (2700k and 3200k) is known as warm light.

  • Hands-free

    A quick and simple voice command is all it takes to turn on, off or dim your lightings with Alexa Amazon, Google Home Assistant, or Apple Siri Shortcut.

  • Hub-free

    No hub or extra equipment required. All you need is the mEzee app and Wi-Fi connection to start controlling your bulb anytime, anywhere.

  • Worry-free

    With the vacation mode, you can turn lights on at random intervals from the mEzee app to simulate occupancy when travelling for a significant amount of time.

Double up as a remote control

Turn your phone as a remote controller to switch on and off specific lights, or easily adjust the brightness and colour temperature of your smart bulb with the mEzee app.

It's perfect for lazy days when you just don't want to get out of the couch to adjust your light settings.

More on the mEzee App

Adjust light brightness, play around with 16 million lighting colours, set light schedules, and many more - all from the mEzee app.

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70mm (L) x 70mm (W) x 131mm (H)




What's in the box

  • 1 x DS-3601 Smart LED Bulb
  • 1 x Quick Installation Guide (QIG)

Singapore | IMDA standards | N3095-21

Malaysia | MCMC certification | HIDF15000217 

Malaysia | SIRIM trusted mark scheme

Indonesia | Postel certification | 76056/SDPPI/2021

Philippines | NTC certification

Cambodia | TA certification