PRO83310-ERL 10KVA

Master II+ Series (3P/3P) – Rack - Long Run Models - 10KVA to 20KVA

Master II+ Series (3P/3P) – Rack - Long Run Models - 10KVA to 20KVA

The Master II+ (3P/3P) Series are UPS systems are designed to deliver clean and high quality electrical power to fully protect wide range of critical applications such as sensitive networks, small computer centres, servers, medical equipment, telecom applications as well as industrial applications.

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At a glance

True double-conversion

DSP technology

Active power factor correction in all phases

SNMP+USB+RS-232 communications

N+X parallel redundancy (optional)

LCD display

LCD display

Wide input voltage

Wide input voltage

Zero transfer time

Zero transfer time

Output power factor 0.9

True double conversion online technology

Smoothed out power fluctuations so that there will be less damage to downtime issues that could cost millions.

Eco mode

Reduces electrical losses, boosts overall UPS efficiency by 97 - 99% (as compared to standard online UPS AC mode efficiency of 90 - 97%), which can lead to a significant amount of energy cost savings. 

Generator compatible

Works with generator as a power source and converts perfect power to the connected loads.

3-stage smart charging

Prevents overcharging to increase overall battery service life.

  • Emergency Power Off function

    Auto disconnection of UPS from utility power to eliminate electrical shocks when fire extinguishers or sprinklers are set off in the event of emergency. 

  • Adjustable battery numbers

    Flexible battery configuration that adapts to different applications.

  • LCD display

    Useful information such as battery health and power conditions are shown at a glance.

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Prolink offers standalone or modular UPS for every application size in every conceivable context –from a humble server room to the largest data center; low to medium voltage applications; or for various sectors such as factory, transportation, and medical.

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